Events 2022

Sporthotel Dachstein West

Our events in summer 2022

We are very pleased that we will be able to hold various events at the Sporthotel Dachstein West from June 2022. The idea was to offer more new days of experience for our guests, but also for all other people in the village or from outside.

We very much hope to have put together an attractive programme for this year.

Your Godderis family

Let's go to the wine tasting

We take you on a sensual journey of discovery. Together with other wine lovers you will taste six exquisite wines and get to know different grape varieties and their taste characteristics under the guidance of a professional.

That's why you bring a friend or partner to the wine seminar for two. At the end, you each get to take a bottle home.

When does the bratwurst have the right brownness? How does the steak stay nice and juicy? Such questions are a thing of the past after attending this barbecue course. An experienced grill master will teach you the fine art of grilling, both theoretically and practically. The newly acquired knowledge, accompanied by tips and advice from the grill master, will be applied immediately and you can put your skills to the test directly at the grill! Enjoyment is guaranteed at the end!

Don't let anything burn and give the grill food a good fire under the butt!

Are you hungry? Then book our barbecue course

Adventure day brewery tour and beer tasting

First beer drinker, now beer connoisseur!

Under expert guidance, you will immerse yourself in the world of beer brewing. On your brewery tour, you will learn everything about aroma hops, the individual raw materials and the brewing process according to the purity law. The tour takes you past the brewhouse, the heart of every brewery, and the fermentation cellar. Here you will see how the mash is made and where the fermentation takes place. After the exciting tour of the brewery, you can enjoy a hearty snack. To quench your thirst for beer afterwards, there is a smooth transition to the tasting of different types of beer.