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Sporthotel Dachstein West

Godderis family

The Godderis family and the team welcome you warmly

Hospitality is more than just a word for us. We take hospitality personally and live it every day. With full conviction and from the heart.

Our motivation is to make the Sporthotel Dachstein West a place where it is not just a hotel in the middle of town. No, we want to fill our hotel with life, with tangible hospitality, with tangible happiness 

We are convinced that everything we do should be done consciously. With a little smile that we give ourselves. In the form of a good conversation between friends. Or we experience an adventure together?

Back to what holidays really mean "simply be happy and enjoy".

The Sporthotel Dachstein West is a 3-star hotel that offers everything you would expect from 3 stars, but much more: warmth and hospitality. Here you can feel the feeling of being welcome. Guests experience a holiday at the Sporthotel that really does justice to the word holiday.

We are happy to fulfil your wishes and look forward to a chat or two among friends and new acquaintances.

But it is not only the Godderis family that looks after the well-being of the guests at the hotel. Our friendly team is on hand to pamper you and make your holiday in Annaberg unforgettable.

We look forward to you

Godderis family